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Temp-Tek was founded over 25 Years ago by Roy Embling, a veteran of the process and instrumentation industry, who recognized a need for a supplier with the latest technologies, excellent service and in depth knowledge of his products as well as the many industries and processes they would be used in. After establishing Temp-Tek in 1994 Roy quickly secured three key agencies that would enable him to provide multiple industries with the controllers and equipment they would require. These being TOHO Electronics Inc. a Japanese manufacturer of the highest quality that develop and deploy cutting edge technologies to advance process control and to stay ahead of the competition. The second was CAHO, a Taiwanese manufacturer of temperature controllers and switchgear, such as solid state relays and SCR drives. CAHO is able to provide low-cost controllers and switchgear without compromising on quality by using tried and tested technologies that have been established over many years. These two agencies allowed Temp-Tek to meet the needs of any industry and be both flexible and scalable in scope and price. The third key agency was MITSCO (formerly known as IPCO) and their hand made ultra-high quality Studio 3300 kiln controllers that have practically become a by word for quality in the pottery industry in South Africa. Shortly after securing these key agencies and proving to be a tenacious and technically talented salesman, Roy was able to establish Temp-Tek as a go to supplier with a reputation for quality and service.  

Temp-Tek then began to expand into other fields such as pH, humidity and conductivity and secured Delta-Ohm as another agency. Delta ohm is an Italian instrumentation company that design, develop and manufacture extremely high quality instrumentation and measurement technologies. Representing them and their products allowed Temp-Tek to rapidly grow in these fields due to the confidence and quality delta-ohm products were able to provide.

After 10 years of growth and development Temp-Tek added to its ranks a new technical person to assist Roy. Simon Howard started as Roy’s apprentice and very quickly showed an aptitude for electronics and process technologies. With Roy’s guidance and tutelage Simon was soon tackling technical challenges and finding solutions to problems beyond the average index of experience. Simon continues to develop, drive and expand Temp-Tek’s technological lexicon.

Temp-Tek continues to grow everyday but in spite of its rapid growth and expanding technological scope they have never compromised on service, quality or support.


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