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HD 48 & 49 Series Temperature and Humidity Sensors
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HD 48 & 49 Series Temperature and Humidity Sensors


HD48..  and  HD49..  series  of  transmitters  measure  temperature,  relative  humidity  and  dew point.  Versions  with  only  standard  analog  output  or  with  only  RS485  output  with   MODBUS- RTU protocol  are  available.  The  models  with  analog  output  provide  a  signal  suitable  for transmission to a remote display, recorder or PLC. The models with RS485 output are suitable for connection to a PC or PLC.
The models of the HD48.. series are active transmitters and accept both direct and 24Vac alternating power supply; they have standard current (4...20mA) or voltage (0...10V) outputs, or  a  serial  RS485  output,  depending  on  the  model. 
The  models  of  the  HD49..  series  are  passive transmitters instead, and thus suitable to be inserted in a 4...20mA current loop. The  HD48..  and  HD49..  series  of  transmitters  are  designed  for  temperature  and  humidity for pharmacy,  museums, clean  rooms,  ventilation  ducts,  industrial  and  civil  sectors,  crowded   places, canteens, auditoria, gyms, high-density farms, greenhouses, etc.
The HD48.. and HD49.. transmitters measure relative humidity with a well proven temperature compensated  capacitive  sensor  that  assures  precise  and  reliable  measurements  in  the  course of time. The transmitters of the HD48.. and HD49.. series are available in two probe  temperature ranges:
Standard -20...+80°C and extended -40...+150°C for the most critical applications. A stainless  steel  20μm  filter  protects  the  sensors  against  dust  and  particles  (other  filters  are  available for different applications).
The transmitters are factory calibrated and no further adjustments are required.(HD48...TO...,  HD49...TO...),  with  vertical  probe  for  wall  mounting  (HD48...TV...,  HD49...TV...) or with remote probe connected to the transmitter by means of a cable (HD48...TC..., HD49...TC...), cable lengths available are 2, 5 and 10m or for the measure of compressed air  in pipelines (HD48...T480, HD49...T480).
The probes can be supplied in two different lengths (135mm or 335mm). Various accessories are available for the installation: for example to fix the probe to the duct,  it can be used the HD9008.31 flange, a 3/8” universal biconical connection or a PG16 metal cable gland (10...14mm). A 4-digit optional LCD (“L” model) allows to display the measured parameters in a continuous or sequential mode.


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